2019 Studio Membership:


All studio members are required to use the app “Slack.”  This free app will allow you to access the message board for studio members.  A link will be emailed to you to join. Please access the “open studios” channel to see available studio hours. If you have any issues, feel free shoot us a text 864-757-2097 and we will ensure that you have access to the studio.  Members are allowed to work during classes as long as there are open wheels.

Combination to padlocks for both the studio and kiln room is 1031 (the date of Halloween) Blue key on calendar inside front door unlocks the ArtUp bay if you need to unlock other side.


Studio glazes and bisque/glaze firings are included in membership pricing. If a member begins to produce large quantities of work on a monthly basis, we will discuss a fair additional kiln fee.

Kiln firings are done weekly and only authorized employees of Hollowed Earth have permission to load'/unload any kilns.


$20 for a 25lb brick or you’re welcome to source you own.  Other clay types are permissible however they must be able to be fired to cone 5/6.


Feel free to show guests around the studio when you are working.  If your guest would like some time to work, they are welcome to use the studio but members have first priority to studio equipment. The cost for guests is $20/visit. (instead of per hour) Please notify Annie Singletary through SLACK about any guests coming into the studio to use our equipment in advance. Requests may be denied if the request is during poplar member time slots.

Cleaning Responsibilities:

Members are responsible for cleaning their space after working in the studio.  It’s important to the other tenants in our bay as well as to each other that we keep our studio as clean and dust free as possible.  Please keep that in mind while wiping down your area.  After working on the wheel, please clean the wheel, tools, any clay splashes on the wall, and the floor around the wheel. If necessary, please use the mop located under the table.

Working at Night:

The safety of our members is something that we take very seriously. Please lock up the studio after 9:30pm or after dark if you are still working. While there is some lighting in the parking lot, we recommend that you have a flashlight with you if you are going to work late. If, for any reason, you feel unsafe, please call the police and ask for a drive through 864-271-5333. Also, please feel free to contact us as well.


Hampton Station is a smoke free facility.  Please ensure that we respect the premises.