Pottery Basics 1

Cost: $240

 Recommended Ages 10+

This four week introductory class will focus on the basic techniques of the potter's wheel.  Projects will include bowls, cups, and small vases but each week will be centered around various concepts. Students will be given additional lab time.

The four week is a glazing class in which you will glaze all of the pieces that you made within the previous three weeks!

The cost of the class will include all material as well as additional lab time

Space is limited to 6 students.

Pottery Basics 2

cost: $240

Recommended ages: 10+

This second set of 4 classes is designed for students that have completed Pottery Basics 1. In these classes, students will continue to grow the fundamentals of wheel throwing but will be taught additional techniques such as trimming, lidded pieces, and throwing with larger amounts of clay.

Completing Pottery Basics 1 is a requirement before students can take Pottery Basics 2. However if you have some recent wheel experience and are comfortable with centering, pulling, and some basic shape altering, feel free to jump into this class.